Dyndrite and SLM Solutions to Cooperate on Full Support for SLM Solutions Metal AM Systems

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Dyndrite and SLM Solutions to Cooperate on Full Support for SLM Solutions Metal AM Systems
Dyndrite and SLM Solutions to Cooperate on Full Support for SLM Solutions Metal AM Systems/Source: Dyndrite

Dyndrite™,a provider of the GPU-accelerated computation engine used to create next-generation digital manufacturing hardware and software, announced a partnership with SLM Solutions to support the SLM® file format within its Application Development Kit (ADK). SLM Solutions’ metal AM systems customers will be able to design parameters based on unique aspects or their unique needs using Dyndrite, generating new IP, protecting any know-how, and gaining a competitive advantage.

Dyndrite provides an ADK for GPU-powered 3D CAD-to-print software development. Dyndrite software generates toolpaths and rasterizes 3D data for additive manufacturing processes such as binder jetting, photopolymers, and laser powder bed. Furthermore, Dyndrite provides full automation of CAD-to-print data workflows at a speed that meets even the most challenging production workflows or data requirements via an integrated Python API.

Dyndrite ADK support for SLM Metal AM Systems

With the collaboration, the Dyndrite software will be able to leverage SLM Solutions’ Open Architecture Initiative to directly write laser toolpath and parameters to control either single or multi-optic systems, and enables SLM® customers to design advanced materials, carry out process development, and build strategies that fit their unique needs.

Dyndrite software enables the development of additive CAMmaterials and process developmentprocess qualification & calibration and automated production lines.

Harshil Goel, CEO, Dyndrite said, “The future of additive manufacturing is open. Only through democratization will the industrialization of additive manufacturing advance at a faster pace. Innovators need to rapidly experiment, protect their IP and be able to bring new solutions to market. SLM Solutions’ open architecture is an exemplar for the market.”

“At SLM, we enable and promote end-to-end AM solutions; it’s crucial to the success of our customers that this also entails materials and process parameters as essential ingredients outside the machine itself. SLM Solutions’ Open Architecture initiative enables Dyndrite and others to manipulate and make adjustments in order to provide our install base a competitive edge in their segment – adding software as a weapon in their arsenal.”

– Garett Purdon, Vice President of NA Sales at SLM Solutions

Dyndrite will integrate SLM® single and multi-optic support directly into its ADK. The companies will collaborate to ensure that users can fully customize SLM® parameters and toolpaths to meet their specific requirements, maximizing materials development and application or part-specific build rate strategies.

Dyndrite is a trademark of Dyndrite Corporation. All other trademarks and registered trademarks previously cited are hereby recognized and acknowledged.

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