Eslo Terrain launches New Kickstarter Campaign for 3D Printed Forts and other Miniatures

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German company Eslo Terrain recently launched their new Kickstarter campaign for 3D printable forts, castle and more for miniatures to be used while playing table-top games.

All the models are 3D printable models and are modelled by the Eslo Terrain team with great precision. The team believes that such projects take a lot of time and effort and even monetary resources and so the Kickstarter campaign helps them to build the models at a faster rate.

The market for table-top gamers across the world is growing and gamers around the world are looking to enhance their gaming experience. The miniatures by Eslo Terrain are a great way to incorporate real-life scenarios into their games.

The team has designed the miniatures in such a way that it can be easily 3D printed in the most common 3D printing filaments of ABS and PLA. Moreover, most of the models do not need support for printing. This helps in the quick & easy printing of the miniatures.

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The members of Eslo Terrain have a vast experience of nearly 16 years. For all these years they have been experimenting and producing scenery, terrains, and buildings for table-top games and models. They have created more than 700 models. Previously, the production was done with the help of traditional methods of manufacturing like CNC milling machines and laser machines but with the advent of 3D printing, the process has been quite easier. The easy incorporation of 3D printing in their workflow has helped the company create models which can be 3D printed.

According to Dirk Lorenz, CEO of Eslo Terrain, “The miniature packages will be more expensive later after the Kickstarter campaign, so customers can save up to 35% now in the launch offer. The models are high quality and highly detailed. All models can be 3D printed with ABS or PLA. Almost all models can be 3D printed without Supports.”

He added, “You need only a 3D home Printer, the files, filament and then only colours for painting this scenery.”

The models will be available for download on the company website.

Some of the miniature models are really great with critical features. Below we list down some of the pledges for the set.

Desert Fort

3D printing

Above: 3D printed and painted desert fort miniature structure/Image Credit: Eslo Terrain

The above model is a printed and painted model with a 15 mm scale. This set includes a complete modular fort with walls, tower (normal and destroyed), buildings, and some accessories.

Fortress with walls, doors, and towers

3D printing

Above: 3D Printed and Painted castle fortress/Image Credit: Eslo Terrain

This segment has different types of castle wall designs or towers to suit the particular need of gamers. By combining the different types and painting those with customised colours the gamers can create a new form of structure.


3D printing

Above: 3D printed and painted village miniature structure/Image Credit: Eslo Terrain

This package includes houses with removable tops to reveal the inside of the house. It includes a complete village in the design of Asia, stone, timbering, and log (normal and destroyed) some accessories. For an Asian or medieval village, there will be minimum 10 normal building and 5 destroyed buildings.

Asian fortress

3D printing

Above: 3D printed Asian fortress wall/Image Credit: Eslo Terrain

Complete Set

The Full Set will include all models of all 4 pledges (over 100 models) plus all stretch goals and all exclusive models.


All the buildings/scenery comes in 28mm scale, but users can rescale it.

Consider the below scales for reference.

10mm = 40-45%
15mm = 65%
20mm = 75-80%
28mm = 100%

Eslo Terrain also offers various stretch goals which you can check out on the official Kickstarter Campaign page.

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