MakerBot CloudPrint™ Debuts New Workflow that Enables 3D Printing Collaboration from Anywhere

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  • New MakerBot CloudPrint Delivers a Seamless 3D Printing Experience for Teams Remote or Onsite
  • Users Can Prepare, Queue, Print, Monitor, and Manage 3D Print Jobs from a Centralized Cloud-Based Application
MakerBot CloudPrint

Above: MakerBot CloudPrint delivers a seamless 3D printing experience for teams remote or onsite/Image Credit: Stratasys

MakerBot, a global leader in 3D printing and subsidiary of Stratasys has announced the new MakerBot CloudPrint™ software. The new software is designed to offer a seamless 3D printing workflow for teams to collaborate from anywhere around the world.

The new software has been designed keeping in mind the Covid-19 pandemic which has forced many people to work remotely. With more people working remotely, there is a greater need for teams to manage their 3D printers and print jobs from anywhere. MakerBot CloudPrint, earlier known as MakerBot Cloud™ is the next-generation cloud-based 3D printing platform that enables individuals and teams to utilise 3D printing collaboratively, all from within their browser and across multiple devices.

MakerBot CloudPrint combines the ease of use and familiar software features from MakerBot Print™ with the scalability of the cloud to provide a more efficient 3D printing workflow management solution. MakerBot CloudPrint is currently offered free to use, and is planned to be updated in the future to ensure users have access to the latest features.

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“We are experiencing a global phenomenon with more people working remotely than ever before. Without the right tools, this can lead to a disruption in work and, ultimately, a decrease in performance,” said Nadav Goshen, CEO, MakerBot.

Commenting on how the newly introduced software can enhance team collaboration, Goshen added, “We believe that MakerBot CloudPrint is an ideal solution for individual or team collaboration from anywhere. MakerBot CloudPrint offers an all-in-one solution for users to prepare, queue, print, and manage printers. MakerBot CloudPrint aims to easily adapt to your workflow, no matter how many printers you have. This solution was built with productivity in mind, and we plan to continuously improve the fastest CAD-to-part benefits of the METHOD platform.”

Offering details of how the new software has enabled to work with 3D printers from a distance, Marco Perry, CEO at PENSA an industrial design and invention consulting firm based in New York City said, “Working remotely has meant a lot of changes to how we collaborate in a creative environment. While many digital tools have replaced face to face interactions, nothing can replace working with physical prototypes. MakerBot CloudPrint enables us to work with our 3D printers at a distance, removing one more barrier in the process.” The firm uses the MakerBot METHOD™ platform for a wide range of uses in its product design and development processes.

Desktop 3D printer

Above: The MakerBot’s Method 3D Printer/Image Credit: MakerBot

Some of the key features of the MakerBot CloudPrint include:

  • Print preparation
  • Printer management
  • Queuing
  • Collaboration
  • Advanced METHOD platform settings

The MakerBot CloudPrint software is compatible with MakerBot’s 3D printing solutions, including the MakerBot METHOD 3D printer series, the MakerBot SKETCH Classroom™ bundle, and the MakerBot Replicator® 3D printer series. Additional MakerBot CloudPrint updates include speed optimizations, print performance improvements, new UX/UI designs, improved slicing and previewing options, and multi-model support.

In the near future, MakerBot plans to release additional features for MakerBot CloudPrint such as custom print modes, improved print job queuing and organization, per layer preview improvements, and improved printer monitoring.

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