nTopology raises $40M Series C Round to Drive the Future of Engineering

nTop Platform
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Above: nTopology raised $40M Series C round/Image Source: nTopology

nTopology, the developer of the design & engineering software – nTop platform, announced that it has secured a $40M Series C round funding led by Insight Partners, a global venture capital and private equity firm, that will help the company make the most advanced engineering software accessible to all engineers. 

nTop design & engineering software platform was launched in 2019 to empower engineers to design revolutionary products. Today, the software is used at hundreds of engineering companies by thousands of engineers on their most advanced projects in the aerospace, automotive, medical, and consumer industries.

The funding round was also joined by Grant Verstandig & some of its existing venture partners like Root, Canaan, DCVC, & Haystack. 

Josh Fredberg of Insight Partners will be joining our Board of Directors — he has decades of experience at companies like ANSYS and PTC. The board now includes two industry experts: Josh and Carl Bass, the former CEO of Autodesk.


A revolution is currently taking place in advanced engineering. Rapidly maturing digital manufacturing technologies, like additive manufacturing, provide obvious advantages to delivering high-performance products at unprecedented speed—from COVID-19 test swabs to the latest jet engines—but the tools for designing these products create a bottleneck where engineers are forced to fight with their software and compromise on designs.

Nearly everything you see around you was designed in a handful of CAD systems whose underlying technology has remained fundamentally unchanged for 40 years. Unfortunately, this technology has not and cannot scale gracefully to solve the hard engineering problems arising today because of the increased part complexity associated with new manufacturing technologies.


nTop Platform
Above: nTopology rocket nozzle/Image Source: nTopology

nTop design & engineering software platform has been able to successfully build the most powerful engineering software, eliminate bottlenecks in traditional modeling technology, and empower engineers to design transformative products. 

According to nTop, “We intentionally make very few assumptions about your processes. Instead, we give you the right tools that deliver the necessary precision and control at the right level of abstraction. This way you can adapt nTop design & engineering software platform to your engineering workflows – not the other way around.”

nTop Platform is built on three major pillars:

1. Fast, Unbreakable Geometry:  nTop design & engineering software platform is based on an implicit modeling engine, a technology nTop has pioneered for mechanical engineering applications that overcomes the inherent limitations of traditional modeling approaches. It’s extremely reliable, lightning-fast, and can easily handle geometries with high complexity while keeping the file size of intricate designs to only a few kilobytes.

2. Field-Driven Design: nTop fields give you precise control over spatial variations of shape, allowing you to produce a much wider spectrum of designs. Analysis and test results often take the form of fields, so you can use these to model in nTop Platform. So, for example, users might use structural analysis results to create thicker walls in regions of high stress.

3. Reusable Workflows:  nTop Platform is the first design & engineering software where built-in and user-created capabilities seamlessly merge in reusable workflows. Multiple stakeholders can collaborate to build scalable systems that encapsulate engineering knowledge, manufacturing methodologies, and in-house IP. These systems can then be deployed and reused by engineering teams throughout the organization: redeploying expert knowledge when and where it is needed. 


Within the next 5 years, innovative engineering companies will be producing around 30% of all parts using additive or other advanced manufacturing processes. (example: TEMPEST.) The company believes that nTop design & engineering software platform will be used to empower the design of the majority of these parts.

Engineers from the aerospace and medical industries are currently leading the adoption and deployment of advanced manufacturing, so they were the first to realize the need of the powerful design tools offered by nTop design & engineering software Platform. Users in the automotive, consumer, and manufacturing tooling industries. are also seeing rapid adoption of nTop tools.

Shoudl customers replace the traditional CAD? No, that’s not nTop’s purpose. Rather, nTop expects engineers to use nTop design & engineering software platform alongside existing systems, to solve new and hard problems that traditional CAD was never built for. Overcoming those challenges will enable engineers to innovate faster, create new solutions to pressing global issues, and foster new markets. The types of problems that nTop Platform solves are more & more becoming a daily occurrence for all engineers. Closing this new round of funding will help make the most advanced engineering software accessible to all.

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