PrintDry Launches new Kickstarter Campaign for Vacuum Sealed 3D Printing Filament Container

TDL Systems Inc., a Canadian company specializing in 3D printing, has just launched a new product – PrintDry vacuum sealed filament containers — on a Kickstarter campaign.

Anyone who has worked with 3D printing knows that the water content in a filament can cause various 3D printing problems, from the print being partially failed to the filament completely unprintable.

Leaving your filament spools unprotected will allow it absorb moisture in the air and reduce its printability. This happens to almost all the filaments, so it is very important to store your filaments in a dry environment to ensure a longer shelf life.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2016 for their filament dryer, and a second even more successful 2017 Kickstarter campaign for their airtight containers, PrintDry are now introducing Vacuum Sealed Container for single filament spool storage.

3D printing filament
Above: The Vacuum Sealed 3D Printing Filament Container from PrintDry/Image Credit: PrintDry

Before introducing their storage containers, most people would use zip lock bags or large plastic storage containers to store their opened filaments, but issues with small rips developing in the bags or multiple opening and closing of the large plastic containers allowed moisturized air to be re-absorbed back into the dried filament.

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PrintDry’ Vacuum Sealed Containers are an upgrade from the current airtight containers. The new unique vacuum valve has a built-in indicator, making it easy to read if the vacuum seal is adequate. They have even made the container bottom taller to accommodate more different sized filament spools and comes with one hand plunger in every pack of 5 containers.

PrintDry Vacuum Sealed Containers has the following features:

  • Single spool storage: only one filament spool in one container (max spool size: 205x85mm or 8×3.3″)
  • Made with thicker and stronger plastic: the material used is 20 times thicker than a zip lock plastic bag and lots of structural reinforcements on both the lid and the container bottom are added to withstand the vacuum pressure.
  • Easy to read vacuum indicator: when completely sealed the center ball of the vacuum valve will be depressed inward.

These new vacuum sealed containers have been tested to make sure the low humidity is achieved inside the container, even though the container itself is placed in a very humid environment.

The PrintDry vacuum sealed container set is available in 5-pack boxes on Kickstarter until July 27, 2018. The Kickstarter pricing starts at $17 per container including free shipping to Canada and continental USA.

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