COBOD Customers Build Three New 3D Printed Houses in the US

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3D Printed House
Above: Habitat for Humanity paving the way for a 3D printed house in Williamsburg, Virginia, US/Image Source: COBOD International

COBOD International A/S, the Danish robot 3D construction printer company, known for making the 3D printers that made Europe’s first 3D printed 1-, 2- and 3-story buildings, is now making inroads into the US residential housing market. COBOD shared that three of its first US customers have completed building 3D printed house projects using its construction 3D printers.

Habitat for Humanity

In July 2021, PERI Group, another COBOD customer and minority investor, announced a project in Tempe, Arizona, where they will print a 1,740 sq. ft. (160 m2) house for Habitat for Humanity, a national and international non-profit organization based in the United States that focuses on long-term poverty alleviation through affordable social housing. Habitat is also involved in Alquist3D’s latest 3D printed house project in Williamsburg, Virginia, in September 2021. The house will be 1,200 square feet in size, with three bedrooms and two full bathrooms.

3D Printed House
Above: Virginia’s first 3D printed residential house completed by Alquist 3D with a COBOD BOD2 printer for Virginia Tech and Virginia Housing/Image Source: COBOD International

“We are excited to partner with Habitat for Humanity on this project. Both of our organizations are aiming to build affordable housing and hopefully this project will be one of many we do together in the future. Using 3D printing allows us to speed up the construction of a home while also lowering building cost, solving two housing challenges at once: the rising price of new homes and the speed at which they are built.”

– Zachary Mannheimer, CEO of Alquist3D

3D Printed House by Alquist3D

The Williamsburg 3D printed house is already the second project done in Virginia by Alquist3D since receiving the COBOD printer shortly before summer. In June, the company 3D printed the first house in the outskirts of Richmond in cooperation with Virginia Tech via a grant from Virginia Housing. The 1,550 sq. ft. (145 m2) house also contains 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Despite the house being located close to the large city of Richmond, Alquist3D is primarily targeting other demographics with the 3D printed offering.

Zach Mannheimer added, “While most 3D printing endeavours focus on urban residential areas, many of the regions facing the biggest housing challenges exist in rural America. That is why we partnered with Virginia Housing and Virginia Tech to build homes for people who live outside of the places where most funding for housing programs is spent.”

3D Printed Residential House in Florida

3D Printed Residential House
Above: Printed Farms Florida’s 3D printer from COBOD getting ready to 3D print Florida’s first residential house/Image Source: COBOD International

Further south, COBOD’s first US customer, Printed Farms Florida, recently 3D printed its second building. This is the first 3D printed residential house made in Florida and is a 1,440 sq. ft. residential house located in Tallahassee, also containing 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms like the Virginia projects. Printed Farms completed the project in cooperation with Precision Building & Renovating LLC, which in turn funded the project through the City of Tallahassee Affordable Housing Construction Loan program.

“The 3D printed houses are not your average test structures – actual people will move in and benefit from them for a long time. The finished product is far superior in strength, durability, and efficiency. These homes are not only more efficient to construct, but they also carry less maintenance cost. Wood breaks and wood rots, especially here in the South.”

– James Light, COO & Co-founder of Precision Building & Renovating

While executing the project, Printed Farms paid particular attention to how other non-concrete task could be solved more efficiently when 3D printing the walls. As examples, electricals and framings for windows and doors were intelligently put in place during the printing process.

Commenting on the success of the COBOD printers in the US, Henrik Lund-Nielsen, Founder & General Manager of COBOD International commented, “We are very delighted, that we and our growing US customer base despite COVID19 have been able to make significant progress and projects with our technology. Our printers have now printed buildings in 3 different US states, more than anybody else. As we have sold more 3D printers to new North American customers since, we expect to continue setting new records in the US, such that we become as prevalent on the North American market as we are in Europe with our printers and technology.”

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