London-Based Satori Announces Launch of ST1600 3D Printer & Partnership Program For Global Innovators

Satori 3D printer
Above: The ST1600 3D Printer from Satori/Image Credit: Satori

London-based Satori announced the launch of its new professional 3D printer, the ST1600, marking its debut in the 3D printing market. The company also announced the launch of a partnership program to collaborate with global innovators and creatives across all sectors of the design and manufacturing industry. 

More than just a manufacturer, Satori thrives on being a problem solver, allowing companies to have more accessibility to professional printers at an affordable price, and offering technical and business consultation for clients. 

Designed by industry experts, the ST1600 printer is desktop-sized, easy to operate, and featured with the high print quality and efficient speed. The ST1600 3D printers are ideal problem-solvers in manufacturing for a wide range of industries including dentistry.

Satori 3D printer
Above: Teeth Models 3D printed on the ST1600/Image Credit: Satori

The printer can assist dental practitioners to provide efficient and improved patient care by printing dental tools from orthodontic models and surgical drill guides to braces and retainers from the comfort of their own office. 

Satori is also launching a partnership program, inviting global innovators and designers from all industries to collaborate on initiatives with a goal to make an impact, and solve a particular problem traditional manufacturing might not be able to.

The young and agile team led by female tech entrepreneur and Oxford University graduate Chengxi Wang is looking to collaborate with companies and individuals looking to invent and design products using 3D printing technology. 

“3D printing is becoming more crucial now than ever in the current pandemic world. Increasingly, industries are turning  to 3D printing to resolve supply chain disruption and achieve their targets in a more customised and efficient way.” Comments Chengxi Wang, CEO of Satori.

“We strive to not just sell high-quality professional machines, but most importantly, we wish to empower creativity and act as a problem solver for our clients. We do this by providing advice on how to maximize the machines’ capacity to facilitate their business. We look forward to partnering with innovators to solve issues from all areas whether it be technology, medicine, sports, arts or lifestyle”, concluded Wang.

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