Shree Rapid Technologies’ new Partnership brings Micro 3D Printing Technology to India

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BMF 25 micron series 3D printer
Above: BMF 25 micron series 3D printer/Image Source: Boston Micro Fabrication

Shree Rapid Technologies, an enabler of leading additive manufacturing solutions, has announced a new partnership with Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF), a global leader in micro-precision 3D printers, to bring precision micro 3D printing to India. This collaboration brings yet another cutting-edge 3D printing technology to eager Indian customers.

The micro 3D printing market in India is largely untapped, and Shree Rapid Technologies hopes to fill that gap with an industry-leading solution through this new partnership. BMF 2 micron series, 10 micron series, and 25 micron series 3D printers are now available in India.

With Micro 3D Printing applications spanning a wide range of industries, BMF printers with their ultra-high resolution, accuracy, and precision enable more intricate, exact, and replicable parts.

Precision Micro 3D Printing

Micro 3D printing Microfluidic chips with ink
Above: Microfluidic chip with ink/Image Source: Boston Micro Fabrication

BMF’s precision-micro 3D printers are designed for a variety of applications that necessitate a unique combination of excellence in three key areas: resolution, accuracy, and precision. To create ultra-high resolution parts, the printers use polymer and composite materials. The BMF 3D printers can print industrial parts with high precision and tolerance (2m printing resolution and +/- 10m tolerance). Injection moulding and CNC processing are also capable of being matched by the technology.

With the ability to print stents, prosthetics, surgical planning, electrical components, connectors, and tools like Lab-on-Chip and other devices at resolutions as low as 2 microns, industries such as Medical, Electronics, and Microfluidics will benefit even more. Micro 3D Printing has overcome the challenges of traditional manufacturing techniques, making it a more viable production option.

BMF achieves micro 3D printing with their Projection Micro Stereolithography (PuSL) Technology.

Micro 3D Printing Applications

MEMS or miniature mechanical structures
Above: MEMS or miniature mechanical structures/Image Source: Boston Micro Fabrication

Micro 3D printing is used in a variety of fields, including medicine, electronics, microfluidics, MEMS, and research. Microfluidic devices, stents, miniature mechanical structures, and other products can be successfully printed using BMF 3D printing systems in a variety of healthcare, biological, and medical applications.

“We are excited to partner with Shree Rapid Technologies in order to expand our sales and support network in India. SRT is driving 3D printing adoption across a number of industry verticals and is the backbone of the 3D printing industry in India, supporting enterprises and academics throughout the country. With their expertise, knowledge and experience they will position BMF to drive the enablement of precision manufacturing and miniaturization within medical devices, electronics, communications systems, photonics and beyond.”

– John Kawola, CEO of BMF

SRT has always been at the forefront of developing India’s 3D Printing industry and pushing for a more Atmanirbhar Bharat, offering a full range of Digital Manufacturing Technologies from reverse engineering to post-processing.

“Boston Micro Fabrication has been able to provide a solution for an elusive process of rapid tooling for micro-moulding through its advanced Projection Micro Stereolithography. Which we feel is the need of the hour for 3D Printing in India. A breakthrough technology that can help change the way micro parts are manufactured across industrial applications. Partnering with BMF has helped strengthen SRT’s portfolio of Digital Manufacturing, offering technologies for not just Large Scale 3D Printed parts but also Microscale parts.”

– Nitin Chaudhari, Partner Shree Rapid Technologies

SRT is one of the very few Indian companies providing technologies of leading Digital Manufacturing brands, thanks to its partnership with Boston Micro Fabrication, the pioneers in microscale 3D Printing systems.

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